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We believe that the implementation success never been fully achieved without services to extract as much value as possible from client’s SAP investment and utilize it as an enabler of high performance.

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SAP Implementation and Rollout

Visionary businesses seeking out to integrate their business operations in order to boost efficiency and reduce costs can partner with SCS to undertake their SAP implementation. While companies that have already implemented SAP and would like to roll out their SAP system to another geographical area in order to similarly benefit from the system can also take the advantages from SCS deep expertise and knowledge.

SAP Upgrade

Your business environment is rapidly changing and so does your enterprise system. Companies always need to keep up with the latest SAP releases. But the decision to perform an SAP upgrade project to the existing system might be hard and taking long time, because of the time, cost and the disruption that might impact the business operations.

SCS Support Offerings

A Complex ERP projects like SAP require a great consideration beyond the core SAP technology Skills. A proper SAP PCoE needs to have in depth expertise in client vertical domain, industry best practices, effective change management methodologies supplementing the SAP skill set that most organization seem to focus on. SCS will provide technical knowledge for your ERP system along with skills that will assist your company in adapting to the changing needs of management to get the most out of your investment.

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SAP Audit and Health check

Some of the organizations which implemented SAP system still haven’t realized the full benefit of the system’s functionality and they are not getting the expected results as they estimated at the beginning of the project.The decision to implement an ERP system such as SAP is very critical to any company as it entails redesigning the business processes that might lead to great changes in the way operations are done. An SAP Audit and Health Check from SCS is significant step to evaluate the system’s internal control design and effectiveness like development processes, and IT governance. IT Audit tackles the problems of system availability, system confidentiality and system integrity faced by companies.

SAP Training & Education

At SCS , training and education are extremely significant to the success of the SAP system implementation within your organization. Our team is capable of delivering what it takes to lift our customers above the competition and delivering a measurable return on SAP investment.

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